Dr. Jim Martin 05/11/2015

brand6.pngNo matter the year, Ray-Ban shades always seem to be in style. The classic look of these specs makes them popular with men and women. If you’ve invested in a pair recently, the following tips will help keep them in great condition for years to come.

How Should I Clean My Ray-Bans?

Like all glasses, Ray-Bans will get dirty. This could be from pollution in the air, dirt and dust where you’re walking or fingerprints left on the lenses. The simplest way to 
clean your glasses is to use a microfiber cloth, the perfect material for removing dirt, grease or dust without harming the lenses.

For more in-depth cleaning, use warm water and a gentle cleanser. Work the solution very carefully around the frames, paying special attention to the nose pads and ear pieces. In a dusty environment, dry the lenses with a kitchen paper towel to avoid scratching from dust that could accumulate on a hand towel.

How Should I Store My Ray-Bans?

When you’re not sporting your shades, practice proper storage. When you first buy your Ray-Bans, invest in the proper protective case. This will keep your glasses safe when you’re on the go and will keep dust from accumulating on the lenses when you are not wearing them.

How To Find The Right Ray-Bans

When you’re shopping for your first pair of Ray-Bans, or a replacement pair, come into Broome Optical to experience our new Ray-Bans display. We will help you find the right pair for your face shape and fit them with your prescription if needed.

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