Dr. Jim Martin 04/13/2015

968641.jpgOakley eyewear is sporty, chic, and meant to last for years. To ensure the longevity of your Oakleys, caring for them properly is a must. Here are some tips and suggestions when it comes to taking care of your favorite shades.

Dust And Debris

Keep your Oakleys looking good by running water over them and gently wiping them dry with the Micro Bag that came with your Oakley sunglasses. To avoid scratching the lenses and harming any coatings applied to them, do not wipe dry lenses and avoid using your shirt or a paper towel to wipe your glasses. Also, Oakley urges owners to avoid using any chemicals to clean their glasses.

To keep your Oakleys clean and help them last longer, store them inside the Micro Bag instead of laying them down on a surface.

Oakley Provides A Cleaning Kit

The best and safest way to clean your Oakley eyewear is by using the Oakley lens cleaning kit. The kit comes with special cleaning solution that is safe to use on all Oakley lenses, as well as a cloth for wiping your lenses without leaving behind scratches or residue. Oakley cleaning solution is the only type of solution you should use on your glasses, aside from water, as any other type of cleaning chemicals could damage your lenses or the coating on the lenses.

Cleaning Oakley Goggles

Oakley provides special instructions for cleaning their goggles. Use the special Oakley cleaning solution and the Micro Bag to gently clean the goggle lenses – on the outside only. Never wipe the inside of your goggle lenses. Don't use any paper products to clean the lenses as scratching can occur.

Keep your goggles out of direct sunlight when not in use and avoid placing your goggles on your head or your hat, which can create fog.

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