Dr. Jim Martin 05/30/2017

eye_exam-child-glasses.jpgIt is recommended by most eye care experts that you receive a complete eye exam every year, depending on risk factors. These exams will help your  detect eye problems at the earliest stages. Your doctor will also be able to correct vision changes, as well as helping you learn how to take care of your eyes.  

How Often To Get An Eye Exam Based On Your Age

Children 3 Years Old And Younger

Children are often checked by their pediatrician for common eye issues, such as crossed or lazy eyes, in children ages 3 and younger. Their first complete eye exam should be done between 3 and 5 years of age, and then continued annually. If children are at risk due to premature birth, infection, developmental disease, family history and other diseases, they may  need to be checked more frequently.

Children To Teens

Some schools in certain states require eye exams before starting the first grade, if not, it is still important to book an eye examination. Children also need to get their vision checked every year, unless there are no symptoms or family history of eye problems. In the case of no issues or history, children should have an eye exam yearly.


There are a number of things that can be factors in eye problems for adults, such as the constant use of different media screens. Adults need to have yearly eye exams. There is also more of a chance of eye health concerns as we grow older. If you are in the 20s and 30s, your vision should be checked every one to two years. If you’re between the age of 40 and 65, your vision needs to be checked every two to four years. Those 65 and older will need to have their eyes checked every year or two, or more frequently if you have a greater risk for diseases.

There is no existing universal standard for receiving eye exams, and different eye doctors and professional associations may have different recommendations. Eye health and vision can change quickly, so some may recommend more frequent examinations in order to early detect possible eye conditions.

It is extremely important for everyone, at every age, to receive regular eye exams, instead of just vision screenings. If you’re looking for a great eye doctor in Amarillo, consider Broome Optical. Set up your eye exam with us today, or call our friendly eye care staff.

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