Dr. Jim Martin 05/06/2015

looking_through_sunglasses-1.jpgSunglasses come in all shapes and sizes, styles and colors. Of course, the highest quality sunglasses are polarized to help protect your eyes from the sun's most damaging rays. For this reason, most, but not all, sunglasses in the Ray-Ban collection are polarized.

Is Your Pair Of Ray-Bans Polarized?

To determine if your sunglasses are polarized, Ray-Ban has added some very simple symbols to their glasses. If you look at your glasses, right next to the logo there might be a P. If there is, then your sunglasses are polarized. Another way to tell is to look inside your ear band, or at the top corner of your lenses where some glasses have been branded as polarized.

Why Is Polarization Important?

While both polarized and unpolarized lenses will block UV rays, only polarized lenses are designed to block glare from reflected light. This is accomplished because of the way the lenses are constructed, which allows polarized lenses to prevent transmission of horizontal light through the lenses. Because of this, polarized lenses are the preferred type of lens for those who work on water or in desert environments where reflected light can often be stronger than direct light.

Polarized lenses are also ideal for everything from driving down the highway, to a stroll along the beach where the sun's rays bounce off the sand and surf. In fact, wearing polarized sunglasses for practically every activity is better than wearing unpolarized lenses.

Wearing polarized lenses that eliminate glare and reduce reflections can also provide additional visual clarity even in the brightest light. This makes them a popular choice for sportsmen and others who spend large amounts of time honing their swing on the course, or practicing the perfect pitch from the mound. Depending on their skiing preference, many skiers also choose to use polarized lenses as they're cruising down the slopes because sun glare from the snow can easily throw a skier off balance regardless of if they're on a green or a black diamond run.

In addition to blocking the UV rays, polarized lenses also reduce eye strain. This in turn helps reduce drowsiness and can help you feel more awake even if it is hot and muggy outside. About the only downside to wearing polarized lenses is that wearing them makes it more difficult to see LCD screens on electronic devices.

We invite you to contact Broome Optical in Amarillo for more information about Ray-Bans and the polarized lenses we have available. We will be happy to answer your questions and help you find the right pair of sunglasses for your specific needs. Check out our trunk show tomorrow (May 7).

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