Dr. Jim Martin 11/24/2014


Good eye health is important if you expect to maintain your vision. A proper diet and regular checkups are two of the best ways to help support good vision and keep eyes functioning properly.

What Are Free Radicals?

Free radicals are atomic elements that lack an electron. They scavenge around looking to fill the void and will take electrons from cells. This weakens the target cell's outer membrane, allowing it to be infiltrated by disease. As the cells begin to breakdown, they become more susceptible to disease. In its original state, a free radical is extremely unstable and will attack any cell that is weak enough to be overtaken. Oxidation is the term that is used when a free radical steals or takes away a healthy cell's electron.

How Free Radicals Affect The Body And Eyes

The oxidation that occurs when an electron is stolen results in various types of damage. Cells begin to age faster. Because their membrane is damaged, they are more susceptible to disease and can show signs of aging. They begin to function less efficiently.

In the eye, this can lead to macular degeneration. Free radicals cause cells in the eyes and other parts of the body to deteriorate and age quickly. This can cause vision loss and several other conditions of the eye that can dramatically affect eye health.

How Antioxidants Work

Antioxidants are one of the most effective ways to deal with free radicals. An antioxidant neutralizes free radicals by offering an extra electron. Once the free radical is completed and all electrons are in place, they no longer try to scavenge from other cells. Healthy cells are no longer attacked. Antioxidants support good eye health by strengthening cells in the eye and neutralizing the free radicals that target them.

Broome Optical And the Use of Scanning Technology

Pioneering efforts in scanning technology accurately can show changes in the retina due to free radical damage. The Amarillo eye care experts at Broome Optical can explain the benefits of scanning technology. By protecting the sensitive eye cells, the doctor can reduce the risk of damage and prevent sight loss. An effective eye care plan includes a diet rich in antioxidants and regular eye check ups.

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