Dr. Jim Martin 03/09/2016

glasses.jpgAre you experiencing eyestrain, blurred vision, double vision, or regular headaches? If so, your glasses may be the problem,especially if you spend hours every day working on a computer. You may have a condition referred to as digital eye strain or computer vision syndrome. This doesn’t mean you have the wrong prescription, but rather you have the wrong type of glasses for the way you use them.

Why Are Regular Prescription Glasses Ineffective For Computer Use?

Regular prescription glasses are designed for everyday use. Typically, these glasses help you focus on things that are farther away. Reading glasses, on the other hand, are designed to help you see while reading things close up, such as books and newspapers. The problem is that most computer users sit about 20 to 26 inches away from their computer screen. This means that the computer sits closer to you than your regular prescription glasses can handle, yet too far away for reading glasses to be beneficial.

How Are Computer Glasses Different From Regular Prescription Glasses?

Computer glasses have been created to fix this problem. These glasses reduce the strength of your regular prescription glasses just enough to provide perfect vision from a distance of 20 to 26 inches. This will not only allow you to focus better on the screen of your desktop computer or laptop, but it also can help reduce headaches and eyestrain. Depending on your specific eyesight, you may require computer bifocal or trifocal glasses.

In addition, computer screens emit a glare that can affect your eyes after just hours of use. Try adjusting the lighting in the room or changing the contrast and brightness settings on your computer to combat glare. However, even with these adjustments, this glare can cause headaches, blurred vision, and eyestrain. Computer glasses are made with anti-reflective lenses that will cut down on this glare, which will effectively reduce the strain caused to your eyes while using a computer.

If you are on your computer for several hours a day at home or at work and you’re experiencing any type of vision problem, computer glasses may be the solution you need. Even if you are not currently having problems with your vision, computer glasses are a proactive step to avoid future problems. Your optometrist can evaluate your eyes and help you determine what type of computer glasses are right for you.

You don’t have to suffer from daily headaches, eyestrain, or any other vision problems for another day. Call Broome Optical in Amarillo to make an appointment and learn more about how computer glasses may help you.

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