Dr. Jim Martin 12/10/2014

contact_lenses_1-1.jpgAstigmatism is a condition that affects many people all over the world. If you have astigmatism, the front surface of your eye is curved in an irregular manner. This is an eye condition that does not physically cause any discomfort, but it can cause a number of refractive errors. People who have astigmatism often wear glasses to improve their vision, but contacts are often worn as well. The only concern with contacts and astigmatism is that traditional contacts do not usually fit a person with astigmatism. The curve of the lens often feels uncomfortable and irritating. Luckily, there are special contact lenses that work with astigmatism.

Toric Lenses

The contact lenses that are made for astigmatism patients are called toric lenses and they are shaped in a very particular way that makes it more comfortable for people with astigmatism to wear contacts. While the traditional contact lens has a perfectly spherical surface, the toric contact lens is rounded in the center, but a bit more flat and geometric near the edges.

How Do Toric Lenses Work?

The toric lens creates a different focus or refractive strength in both the vertical and horizontal aspects. While people with astigmatism experience different curvature issues from one another, toric lenses provide a much more comfortable option. It may take a few different fittings and different lense brands to find one that works, but usually an optometrist at Broome Optical will be able to help a patient find a toric lens that fits, works and feels great.

What If It Is Not Working?

There are a number of signs that tell that a certain toric lens is not appropriate and not working well. If a person feels that the lens is shifting or feels scratchy, then the lens is not fitting the eye properly. If the lens fits but the patient is complaining of blurry vision or trouble seeing fine details, this can also be an indication that the particular lens being worn is not the right one. When trying a new lens, it should be worn for a couple of days to truly give it a chance to work. If the lens does not physically fit well, that is a different story but sometimes the eye needs to adjust to the new lens and vision corrections.

The professionals at Broome Optical can diagnose a person with astigmatism and if a patient is interested in wearing contacts with their condition, the knowledgeable and friendly doctors of Broome Optical will work to find the right toric lens for you.

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