Dr. Jim Martin 12/29/2014

cleaning_contact.jpgFor people suffering from vision problems, contact lenses are ideal. They prevent users from enduring uncomfortable glasses; contact wearers usually can’t even tell they have anything in their eyes. If not cared for properly, though, contacts can quickly become bothersome and may lead to serious eye infections. But with these simple steps, you can ensure the safety of your contact lenses.

Basic Steps To Keep Your Contacts Clean

There are three basic steps you should take each day to care for your lenses: clean, rinse and disinfect. Before touching your contacts, though, always be sure to thoroughly wash your hands, drying them with a lint-free cloth. Once your hands are clean, you can begin following this process:

  1. Clean - Remove lenses from your eyes (one at a time) and gently rub them in the palm of your hand with your contact solution. This is an important step, even if your solution claims to be “no-rub.”

  2. Rinse - After you’ve rubbed your lenses, rinse them with a few more drops of your solution to remove any remaining debris.

  3. Disinfect - This final step involves simply storing your lenses in a disinfecting solution. But before placing your contacts in their case, be sure the case is clean and that you fill it with fresh solution.

There are several products on the market to help you care for your contact lenses, but the most popular – and for good reason – are the multipurpose solutions. With a multipurpose solution, you can clean, rinse, and store your contacts with one product. There’s no need to buy additional items. Occasionally, people need extra products for special care, such as the removal of protein on the eye. Check with your eye doctor before changing your product use or adding additional steps to your contact care regimen.      

Additional Tips To Avoid Eye Infection

Keeping your contact lenses clean involves more than the steps listed above. There are other things you should do in order to avoid contracting an eye infection.

  • Avoid letting your solution bottle tip touch any surfaces, as this may cause contamination.

  • Don’t allow your contact lens accessories to come in contact with tap water, since tap water contains a dangerous microorganism called Acanthamoeba.

  • Rinse your lens case with solution and allow to dry upside down on a clean tissue when not in use.

  • Get a new case once a month to avoid debris build-up.

Benefits Of Daily Use Contact Lenses

Perhaps the best defense against eye infection is the use of daily contacts. With daily use lenses, there’s no storing or cleaning; you simply toss your contacts at the end of each day and start fresh the next morning. Daily use contacts are convenient and the ultimate defense against eye infection associated with contact use.

For more information on daily use lenses, contact Broome Optical in Amarillo today. One of our eye doctors can fit you with the perfect pair of daily use contacts for optimum comfort and clarity.

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