Dr. Jim Martin 04/08/2015

oakley_youth_sunglasses.pngNo matter what activity you’re engaged in, seeing clearly is a must. No doubt there have been times when “the sun got in your eyes” or you just plain had a difficult time seeing things develop. Sometimes, your vision can get washed out by strong or reflected sunlight.

To combat this, the good people at Oakley have spent 15 years developing Prizm lenses. These lenses are specifically designed to help you see better by increasing your visual contrast whether you are on the ski slopes or on the golf course. Each of their lenses are designed for a specific environment.

Good Light, Bad Light

Oakley developers have spent years researching how your eyes react to different outside environments. The mountains have a different color palette than snow covered mountains. They have also determined that there is “good light” and “bad light.”

Good light is the light spectrum that allows you to see contrasting colors more clearly, thereby being able to make better decisions during your activity. Bad light is that which washes out your vision, giving you less contrast so it is difficult to function at a high level.

The Right Lens For The Right Environment

Oakley Prizm lenses come in different varieties that are designed for specific environments. Skiers and snowboarders need to filter out the white glare of the snow while baseball players need more contrast to pick out a white ball against a green background.

Hikers and mountain bikers need to be able to spot rocks, roots and other possible obstacles in both light and shade. Thanks to the Prizm lenses, they can now do this with ease.

There are even Prizm lenses for everyday use. These will help motorists and pedestrians see the road more clearly by reducing sun glare, which has a tendency to wash out your vision.

The Bottom Line

Oakley has spent the better part of two decades researching how your eyes filter light in many different environments and how they communicate that data with your brain. Prizm lenses fine tune color, light and contrast to give you the best vision in each type of environment.

The enhanced vision offered by these lenses will certainly improve your performance in whatever sport or activity you choose. Contactthe eye professionals at Broome Optical in Amarillo for a demonstration of the Oakley Prizm lenses. They can recommend a lens that will perfectly match your active lifestyle. We invite you to stop by our Oakley trunk show on April 23 and check out all the new styles!

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