Dr. Jim Martin 09/30/2015

6002836_orig.pngOctober is Home Eye Safety Month. Approximately half of all eye injuries occur in or around the home. Over 40 percent of these injuries take place during home projects and other activities such as yard work, cooking, and minor repairs. More than a third of these injuries occur in common living areas such as living rooms and bathrooms. Taking a few preventative measures at home greatly reduces your risk of serious eye injuries and blindness.

Wear safety goggles or other protective eyewear

The single best way to prevent home eye injuries is to wear safety glasses with side shields. You should wear these goggles during all activities that involve excessive flying dust, particles, or objects as well as during exposure to chemicals and while playing contact sports. Any sport that includes a racket, ball, and/or flying object has the potential for eye injuries.

Take caution with chemicals and household cleaners

Before using any type of chemical or cleaning supply, such as bleach, read the label carefully. Don't mix products unless you are directed to do so. Keep chemicals and other harmful household products out of kids' reach at all times.

Take care while cooking and using other hot household objects

One of the most common household cooking injuries is hot grease or oil splattering into a person's eyes. Use grease shields on frying pans and encourage any bystanders to keep a safe distance from the stove to reduce this risk. You should also exercise caution when using other household objects that get hot, including curling irons, hair straighteners, glue guns, and irons.

Clear the yard of tools and debris before doing yard work

An errant rake or terra cotta pot may seem harmless enough. However, you wouldn't want anyone to step on these items by accident. Before you mow the lawn, trim the bushes, or water the plants, clear the yard of any stray items.

Supervise children

If you have small kids living at home, you should supervise them while they use sharp objects including, but not limited to, scissors, pencils, and dinner knives. You should also keep a close eye on your children when they're assisting you in the kitchen.

Secure rugs and railings

The last thing you want is a family member or friend slipping and falling in your home, especially when he or she is carrying a sharp object that will increase the risk of an eye injury. Secure rugs and railings so they don't hurt anyone.

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