Dr. Jim Martin 10/14/2014

home_air_filter.jpgIf you have ever experienced sinus problems, or allergies, there’s a good chance that you’ve also experienced itchy or irritated eyes. You may try and escape into your home only to find that your allergies worsen. This could be caused by allergens in your home. There are many things you can do to help reduce the amount of allergens inside your home.

How To Control Allergens In Your Home

There are a few steps you can take to reduce the amount of allergens that enter your home:

Change Your Air Filter Often - It is a good idea to change your air filter every three months. You may have to change them out more if you live in a particularly dusty area, or you have pets in the home. A good test is to hold the air filter up to the light, if it looks blocked or dirty, it is time to change it out.

Invest In a Better Air Filter - There are many air filters on the market and knowing which ones to use can be tricky. Air filters are rated from 1 to 16 – the higher the rating, the better it will work to block smaller particles. You will want to be sure that the airflow is still sufficient with a higher rated air filter, as this can sometimes be an issue.

Vacuum More Often - If you have pets in your home, or children that tend to track more things into your home, you may want to vacuum more often. Vacuuming can help get the dust, dander, and pollen, out of your carpets before they cause issues with your sinuses.

Leave Your Shoes at the Door - When you wear your shoes inside your home, you invite all kinds of allergens into your home. These are then tracked throughout the home. It’s a good idea to get in the practice of leaving your shoes at a designated spot by the front door.

Steam Clean Window Treatments - Window treatments can hold on to dust and dander, causing problems for those that are sensitive. Steam cleaning is a great way to control this problem without damaging your window coverings.

These tips can help you control the amount of allergens that enter your home. If you find your allergies are affecting your vision, contact us today at Broome Optical in Amarillo, Texas. Our eyecare experts can assist by giving you a full eye exam and suggesting a treatment that may control any itching, stinging, dryness, or blurred vision, caused by allergens. Be sure to ask us about our cutting-edge LipiFlow treatment for dry eyes.

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