Dr. Jim Martin 08/20/2015

7280933_orig.pngInjuries to your eyes can cause lifelong damage and affect your ability to see. This is why it is important to protect your eyes with protective eyewear when working in hazardous conditions or playing a sport. If, however, one or both or your eyes are injured, immediate action can prevent permanent eye damage. Below are steps you should take if your eyes are injured in any of these situations.

Foreign Object In Your Eyes

Getting a speck in your eye is one of the most common types of eye issues people face. When this happens, it is important to refrain from rubbing your eyes. Tears alone may be enough to flush the speck from your eyes, but you can also use eye wash to flush the object out. If you can still not release the object, place a loose bandage over the eye and call for an emergency eye doctor appointment.

Impacts To The Eye

If you’re hit in one or both of your eyes, start by lightly placing a cold compress on the eye. Be careful not to apply any type of pressure. Pain, discoloration (like a black eye) and reduced or blurred vision may all be signs of internal eye damage. If any of these issues occur, seek out emergency eye care immediately.

Chemicals In The Eyes

If any type of chemical gets into your eyes, it is important to immediately flush the eye out with water. You can use almost any water source – faucet, shower, outdoor hose or water fountain. If you are wearing contacts, be sure to flush directly over the lens. As you are flushing the eye, have a family member or friend call your eye doctor for an emergency appointment. Be sure to flush the eye for at least 20 minutes.

Puncture To The Eyelids Or Eyes

If your eye or eyelid has been cut or punctured, it is crucial for you to seek emergency care right away. Do not try flushing your eyes with water, even if the eye is bleeding. If the object that caused the puncture is still in your eye, do not rub your eye or try to remove the object. Use a rigid eye shield or the bottom half of a paper cup to shield the eye from further damage and seek out immediate eye care.

It is best to have a first aid kit that includes bandages, eye wash and a rigid eye guard prepared before an eye emergency occurs. If emergency care is required, head to the local ER immediately, orcall Broome Optical in Amarillo to make an emergency appointment.

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