Eyewear Options For Everyone On Your Christmas List

Dr. Mai-Vy Hoang 12/20/2016

TiffanyCoFrames.jpgAh, the holidays! It's the most wonderful time of the year, filled with sparkling lights, decorations, a light blanket of beautiful snow (maybe) and gifts.

Yes, the holiday season is an opportunity to show the special people in your life how much you care for them. And what better gift than some stylish new frames?

Here's a look at some of the frame options that are sure to be a joy for the eyes of everyone on your list.

Oakley Frames

For the athletically inclined on your list, take a good, long look at Oakley frames. Oakley has built a reputation for making frames that are as light as they are durable. And their style tends to trend toward the sporty:

  • Oakley Servo: Bold, lightweight and versatile, these frames are perfect for the men on your list who go right from work to outdoor or athletic activities.
  • Oakley Holbrook Polarized: A best seller, these sunglasses come in six lens colors and feature a classic look.

Ray-Ban Frames

The original Ray-Bans were made for U.S. aviators, so a commitment to cool is part of the company's DNA. That fact comes through loud and clear when you look at some of their newer frames, which are best described as classically contemporary:

  • Ray-Ban RX6317: Mostly metal, flexible and durable, these frames feature rounded edges, a single bridge and a sleek, refined style that's perfect for the intellectual man or woman on your list.
  • Ray-Ban RX7069: Thanks to their vintage look, these frames will take your loved ones back in time. But they're made from durable, flexible plastic, so they'll also offer your loved ones all the comforts of modern living.

The Vera Bradley Frames

Vera Bradley is synonymous with everyday beauty, and their frames for eyeglasses do nothing to dissuade you from giving them to the most stylish of your friends and family this holiday season:

  • Vb Monica: As fun as they are fashionable, these frames come in a variety of bright color combinations with names like "Flower Shower," "Olivia Pink" and "Moon Blooms." They're perfect for the bold, creative women on your list.
  • Vb Elena Moon Blooms: Bold and striking, these frames send work with both attire that's appropriate for both business and pleasure.

Tiffany & Co. Frames

New to Broome Optical, Tiffany & Co.’s timelessly classic style shines through in every frame. These frames come in the company’s classic blue as well as a variety of other colors. Come by to browse this new collection!

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