Eye Injury Signs That Say Seek Medical Attention Now

Dr. Mai-Vy Hoang 09/12/2016

eye-injury-black-eye.pngEye injuries can occur as a result of athletic activities, hikes in the woods or even simply walking down the street. An eye injury might start out as a simple itch or temporary blurred vision. Don't shrug off these symptoms as mere annoyances. They could be signs of an eye injury that will soon progress into a serious problem.

Most Common Symptoms Of Eye Injuries

If you notice any of the following symptoms or feel as though there is something in your eye, you should immediately contact your eye doctor.

If you feel as though your vision is even slightly impaired, it could be the sign of an eye injury. Whether you are experiencing double vision, blurred vision or a complete loss of vision, you need immediate medical attention. If you feel a burning or stinging sensation in or around your eye, it is cause for concern. Though you can try flushing out the affected eye with water or an eyewash, you should still meet with an eye doctor for a thorough examination.

Other common indicators of eye injuries include pupils that are different sizes, eyes that are not moving in sync, an eye that bulges or sticks out, general eye pain, irritation, redness, sensitivity to light, bleeding from the eye or areas around it, the appearance of blood in the eye (no matter how small), incessant itching and any sort of discharge from the eye.

Address Your Eye Injury Right Away

It is imperative that you do not rub or apply pressure to the affected eye. Though you might be able to remove foreign objects stuck in the eye with a pair of tweezers or cotton swabs applied to the eyelid, attempting a DIY (do it yourself) fix poses risks. When in doubt, do not hesitate to ask for professional assistance from an eye care specialist or emergency personnel at your local hospital.

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