Does my child need an eye exam before school starts?

Dr. Mai-Vy Hoang 06/25/2018

Eye examinations are gaining great recognition as an important step in the overall health of individuals. In an effort to promote not only the lasting physical well being of students, but their ability to perform at their peak in educational endeavors, school eye examinations are routinely used. There are many benefits of school visual examinations for your child.

Can Eyesight Affect My Child’s Schoolwork?

There is a direct correlation between the educational experience and a student's ability to see; an estimated 80 percent of learning is done through visual interactions. For instance, a student who is unable to see the board clearly is not able to follow the instruction provided by the professor. This is especially evident in course work such as mathematics and science in which lecture and visual examples provide a strong base for understanding.

Being unable to see clearly  what is being written on the board by the instructor, or read the textbook, can directly hamper the ability of the student to fully comprehend the lessons and progress.

How Do I Know If My Child Needs Glasses?

The stigma associated with wearing glasses often forces students to deny, ignore, or avoid talking about visual problems such as blurred or decreased acuity. In some cases, students are also very capable of implementing compensating activities which hide their inability to see clearly. One strong indicator of visual problems is a sudden drop in grades, lack of interest in class work, even avoidance.

Decreased visual acuity is often an immensely slow progression which individuals do not notice. In some cases, such as young children, they may not recognize there is something wrong and therefore will not complain or notify the parent of this problem.  Routine examinations of the eyes are the best method to establish the actual visual ability of an individual. This testing is noninvasive, easy to perform, and delivers increased compliance.

Parents and guardians are quick to recognize the need for medical care in the event of trauma or illness. Less understood and followed are the guidelines for preventative medicine, often leading to dental and eye health being ignored. The health and function of the eyes is important in educational development and function as well as providing insight to other potential medical concerns within the body.

What Can An Eye Exam Detect?

Many health concerns can be detected during a simple eye exam, examples of this include:

  • diabetes
  • hypertension
  • Alzheimer's disease
  • retinal detachment
  • liver disease
  • blood clot disorders
  • and more

It is always stressed that an early detection and treatment of medical conditions can often limit long term damage and additional complications. The first step to diagnosing these potential health conditions begins with a school eye exam.

These initial exams, while brief, are highly beneficial to continued educational endeavors and the overall health of students. It provides a safety net to students assuring their visual acuity is at its peak level for learning and daily activities alike. The rewards far outweigh any argument against school based eye examinations.

Where Can My Child Get An Eye Exam In Amarillo?

Routine eye exams should be performed once a year. At Broome Optical the necessary examinations and treatments are readily available to assist with correcting and maintaining optimal eye health and function. Our Amarillo eye care center can get your child ready for school so they can perform their best. Our eye care specialists can have your kid fitted for a pair of glasses or contact lenses that suit their needs, as well as personality. Contact Broome Optical today to schedule an eye exam for your child before the next school year begins.

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