Dr. Jim Martin 07/08/2016

using-computer-in-dark.pngIf you follow health news or health and wellness bloggers, you might have heard about blue light in the recent past. Blue light is emitted from an array of sources including the sun. There is a growing concern about blue light as we learn more about how it can negatively affect the eyes. Let's dig into this issue and shed some light (pun intended) on whether blue light really does harm the eyes.

Does Blue Light Pose A Danger To The Eyes?

Unlike some forms of light, blue light reaches into the depths of the eyes and gradually causes damage to the retina. There is little debate about this fact. The only issue up for debate is the extent of the harm caused by blue light. Blue light has even been connected to the onset of age-related macular degeneration.

Sunglasses Won't Block Out All The Blue Light

Blue light is emitted from natural sources such as the sun. Yet it is also emitted by digital devices. Electronics like tablets, laptops, smartphones and TVs produce ample blue light. Even LED lighting produces blue light. As humanity hurtles forward into the digital age, exposure to these digital devices and their blue light will only continue to increase. Eventually, exposure to such light builds up and damages the eyes' retinal cells, causing them to die. In some instances, retinal cell death leads right into macular degeneration.

Blue Light's Glaring And Flickering

Blue light has remarkably short, high-energy waves. These short blue light wavelengths are commonly referred to as High-Energy Visible (HEV) waves. They tend to flicker quite easily compared to wavelengths that are comparably longer and weaker. Such flickering produces a glare that diminishes clarity, sharpness and contrasts. Many attribute the rise in headaches and eye strains to the growing use of digital devices that produce blue light. The bottom line is that our eyes' filters are not capable of providing enough protection against the sun's blue light. Add in all of the blue light produced by electronic devices and there is an undeniable problem.

Loss Of Vision

Extensive exposure to the sun, fluorescent lights and electronic devices can cause retinal damage. As noted above, this damage can lead into macular degeneration. Macular degeneration has the potential to cause blindness.

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