Cold Weather Musts For Eye Care

Dr. Mai-Vy Hoang 12/27/2016

ski-goggles.pngThe cold weather has finally arrived after a brutally hot summer. Though some of us enjoy the cooler temperatures, this time of year also poses a threat to our eyes. The air becomes increasingly dry throughout the winter. If you don't prepare accordingly, your eyes will pay the price.

Ski Goggles

If you are a skier or snowboarder, don't hit the slopes unless you have a pair of rugged ski goggles. The ultraviolet rays on ski slopes are incredibly powerful due to the reflective nature of snow. Snow reflects upwards of 80 percent of light compared to regular ground surfaces. A pair of ski goggles designed for winter activities will absorb a minimum of 95 percent of these harmful UV rays.


Though the sun won't shine as much in the winter months, it still illuminates the great outdoors. If you travel to an area with snow, the sunlight's reflection off the white stuff has the potential to result in snow blindness. Make sure to bring along a pair of sunglasses (preferably with wraparound style frames) to block out those harmful UV rays. This way, you won't have to worry about the temporary loss of vision and early cataracts from extended exposure to the sun's rays.

Anti-Fog Drops

Add some anti-fog drops (we suggest OptiFog) to your eyewear and you won't have to worry about them fogging up as a result of exposure to moisture. These drops keep just about every type of lenses and optic fog-free no matter what wintertime activity you partake in. Whether you use sunglasses, a helmet visor, binoculars, an eye shield or goggles, anti-fog drops will certainly come in handy during the winter months.

Re-Wetting Drops for Dry Eyes

Winter air dries out the eyes rather quickly. Dry eyes often result in contact lenses “drop outs.” Furthermore, dry eyes aren't comfortable. Apply re-wetting drops several times a day in the winter and you will keep your eyes perfectly moist.

Don't let the cold weather affect your eyes. Abide by the tips explained above and your eyes will make it through the winter without becoming too scratchy and dry. If you are looking for more information about how to safeguard your eyes or are on the prowl for new glasses/contact lenses, Broome Optical is at your service. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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