Dr. Jim Martin 04/17/2015

brand5.pngYou only get one pair of eyes. Protecting them needs to be a priority to keep your vision intact. The good news is that a good pair of glasses can provide a protective barrier. Oakley eyewear is a brand you can count on.

UV Protection

Ultraviolet light is actually a form of radiation present in sunshine. Prolonged exposure to UV light can cause damage to the eye. Most of the time it is very minute, but the damage can build up over time. Even on cloudy days, UV waves can reach your eyes.

Oakley sunglasses filter out 100 percent of UV light waves. That means your eyes are protected whenever you wear them – out on the road, out on the trail, lounging at the beach, and anywhere else on the planet.

Impact Protection

Your eyes are vulnerable to objects flying through the air. Metal, wood, rock, and glass are just a few of the things that can do significant damage to your eyes. And that damage can cause extreme loss of vision or complete blindness. Flying objects can come out of nowhere, so you need to have protection at all times.

Oakley knows the importance of protecting the vision of those who wear their glasses. They formulated their lenses using a proprietary formula known as Plutonite. It is a durable, optically pure lens material formulated to give far more than the minimal impact protection necessary.

The lenses offer protection for both high-mass and high-velocity impacts. That is the best protection on the market.

Glare Protection

Glare from the sun can be distracting and dangerous. If you encounter glare while driving a car, you could be temporarily blinded, causing a very dangerous situation. Glare can hide potholes from bicyclists and dips from skiers. Oakley provides polarized lenses, which radically reduce the amount of glare that reaches the eyes.

If you want to give Oakley a try, contact us here at Broome Optical. We carry a full line of Oakley frames and offer both prescription and non-prescription lenses. Don’t miss out on our Oakley trunk show on April 23 to view all the new styles.

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