Dr. Jim Martin 04/01/2014

speaking_with_eye_doctor.jpgGlaucoma is a condition in which the eye's optic nerve gets damaged and then worsens over time. In many instances, it is associated with pressure buildup inside of the eye. The key to successful treatment for glaucoma is regular eye exams with an eye care professional. As glaucoma has no symptoms, many people are not aware that they have it until it reaches an advanced stage. Regular eye exams ensure that you will receive one or more of the following treatments for your glaucoma in a timely manner.

Eye drops for Glaucoma

Eye drops can be used to either decrease fluid formation in the front of the eye or increase the fluid outflow. Common glaucoma drop side effects include eye redness, allergies, blurred vision, short-term stinging, and eye irritation. Before you begin eye drop treatment, inform your doctor of your current medications as well as any medication allergies.

Laser treatment for Glaucoma

For open-angle glaucoma, laser treatment is used to increase the fluid outflow from the eye. For angle-closure glaucoma, it is used to get rid of fluid blockage. There are several kinds of glaucoma laser treatments, including the following:

Cyclophotocoagulation, in which a laser beam focuses on the eye's middle layers, decreasing fluid creation
Iridotomy, in which a tiny hole is made in the iris, enabling fluid to flow more easily
Trabeculoplasty, in which a laser is used to open up the trabecular meshwork drainage region

Surgical options for Glaucoma

Trabeculectomy consists of making a new channel for draining the fluid. When the fluid can drain more freely, there is less intraocular pressure, which is what causes glaucoma. In some instances, the surgery is not successful and must be done again. For some individuals, a glaucoma implant is the best option. 

A glaucoma pump-shunt is also another option.

Importance of follow-up

Regardless of the method that an eye doctor recommends for glaucoma treatment, it is critical to follow up as prescribed. After an individual has completed glaucoma treatment, an eye care professional will run follow up testing. It is best practice to follow the instructions that the doctor gives following the testing, particularly for medication routine and follow-up appointment schedule.

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