Avoid The ER With These Holiday Eye Safety Tips

Dr. Mai-Vy Hoang 12/06/2016

emergency room safety tips.pngThe holidays are a time of joy and giving, spending time with family, and enjoying the spirit of the season. But they're also a time of the year when home accidents can happen more than usual — including eye injuries and traumas.

Sometimes all it takes to prevent an injury is taking an extra bit of time before performing a holiday task or activity. Here are some safety tips to consider before beginning typical holiday projects:


Propulsion toys such as BB guns, paintball guns, slingshots, and pellet guns are a significant cause of eye injuries around the holidays. It's important to consider who receives these kinds of gifts while making sure that there's always adult supervision when a child or teen is using them. You should also check toys for age recommendations and only select gifts that are appropriate for a child's age.

Christmas Tree

There's nothing quite like a festive Christmas tree when it comes to symbolizing the holiday season. But it also poses a potential eye injury risk for a variety of reasons. A tree that's unsteady in its stand, for example, can fall forward and present a face-full of pine needles and branches to someone decorating or standing by it. Wearing eye protection when untying your tree after bringing it home and unloading it from your vehicle will protect you from long branches that may burst out unexpectedly.


Decorating your Christmas tree and house is a great way to spend family time but keep these things in mind when doing so:

Small children should never handle sharp, breakable decorations.

Spun glass, or angel hair, can scratch eyes, so be sure to round up any stray strands.

Only use spray snow that's labeled "non-toxic" and wear safety glasses while spraying it on your Christmas tree.

Bubble lights pose an injury risk because they contain hot liquid that can burn the eyes and skin.


In many cultures, fireworks aren't just used during July 4th but also during Christmas and New Year's Eve festivities; in Hawaii they're used to ring in the New Year. The safest way to enjoy fireworks is by attending a professional show, but always wear protective safety glasses if you're planning to use them at home. Moreover, only ignite them in a secure area that's well-removed from family and friends, especially young children.

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