Dr. Jim Martin 12/15/2014

5595158_orig_1.pngYou may have seen a report on News Channel 10 regarding the rise of eye infections in contact lens wearers. This infection can cause pain and irritation to the wearer. According to the news report, the CDC is estimating that this type of eye infection alone accounts for $175 million in direct health care costs each year. The good news is you don't have to stop wearing your contacts for fear of contracting eye infections. You just need to take some simple steps to keep both your lenses and your eyes healthy and clean.

How To Care For Your Contact Lenses

  • Use Clean Hands - Our hands are quite often full of germs and if you then handle your contact lenses with your dirty hands, you can quickly pass germs, dirt and other objects to your contact lenses. The easiest solution is to wash your hands in warm water and soap before you handle your contact lenses. Be sure to dry your hands on a clean towel after washing.

  • Learn How To Put In And Take Out Your Contacts Correctly - Ask your eye doctor to show you how to put your contacts in and take them out correctly. By doing this the right way, you can avoid damaging your contacts, scratching your eyes, and reduce the risk of getting contaminants in your eye.

  • Solution, Not Water  - If you are using plain water to wash your contacts, it is likely you contacts are not being cleaned properly. This can lead to infection as you place a dirty contact straight into your eye. Be sure to clean your contacts using a good contact solution.

  • Use Solution Correctly - When it comes to cleaning your contacts, it is important to use the cleaning solution correctly. Follow the instructions on the bottle and resist re-using old solution in your lens case.

  • Replace Contact Lenses Often - When you are talking to your eye doctor, ask what the best practice for your particular brand and type of contact lens is when it comes to replacement. Make sure you replace your contact lenses according to your eye care specialists schedule.

  • Replace Contact Storage Containers - It is a good idea to replace your lenses storage containers once a month. This will help bacteria and other irritants from building up inside the storage container.

If you need help correctly caring for your contacts, Broome Optical can help. Our trained eye specialists can assist you with all of your eye care needs. Make an appointment with one of our eye care specialists today and start protecting your vision.

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