Dr. Jim Martin 10/19/2015

4660900_orig.pngWhile costume contact lenses can add an extra touch of realism and fright potential to your Halloween costume, the risks associated with them far outweigh any cosmetic value.

Eye professionals say that these lenses, which aren't legal unless purchased with a prescription, can cause injuries to the wearer's eyes and lead to serious health problems.

The Problem With Costume Lenses

These kinds of lenses are any type that are meant to change the appearance of your eyes. They can be colored lenses, or lenses that give you the appearance of being an animal. In any case, they are advertised as fashion accessories or toys and typically target teens and young adults.

True contact lenses are meant for medical reasons and can only be purchased from an eye care professional. They must be both medically safe and approved by the Food & Drug Administration. Costume lenses are sold with a one-size-fits-all mentality and typically don't detail the risks associated with wearing them.

Damage/Risks Associated With Costume Contacts

There is a significant increased risk of developing a vision-threatening infection from a contact lens that has not been fit by an eye care professional.

People who haven’t been fit for a particular costume contact lens and who haven’t been trained in the insertion, removal, and care of these lenses risk scratching the cornea because they aren't accustomed to inserting contact lenses in their eyes.

Can Costume Contact Lenses Be Bought Legally?

You must always have an eye examination and obtain a prescription prior to wearing any kind of contact lenses, even if your vision is perfect. Ill-fitting lenses not purchased from professionals can cause significant damage to the eye. It may also be the case that you aren't a good candidate for contacts because of frequent eye infections and other issues.

Are Prescription Costume Contact Lenses Safe?

Contact lenses require a commitment to proper care by the patient. Because all contacts are medical devices, you should only buy costume contacts from retailers who require a prescription and sell only FDA-approved lenses.

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