Dr. Jim Martin 02/04/2015

8689761_orig.pngMany people enjoy contacts because they make it possible to see the world clearly without having to wear glasses. The big debate comes up as to which type of contacts to buy. When considering daily disposable contacts versus traditional disposable contacts, there are several factors that may help you make your choice.

What’s The Difference Between Daily Disposable Contacts And Traditional Disposable Contacts?

While both lenses are eventually tossed away, daily disposable contacts (or dailies) are thrown away each day, while disposables are washed and worn, then thrown away after a maximum of two weeks of use.

How Do The Two Types Compare Cost-Wise?

The initial cost between these lenses, and all lenses really, may not be so easy to see. The true savings comes in when you look at the overall costs. With daily contact lenses, all you need are the lenses. With contact lenses that are worn repeatedly, you need the a lens case and contact solution. These costs can really add up.

If you travel often or are on the go, then not only will you need one case with solution, but you may want a travel case as well as a case to stash in the car or in your purse in case of emergencies.

If your eyes are sensitive, you will need a special cleansing case and solution in addition to regular contact solution. There are many costs to consider with bi-weekly or monthly disposable lenses.  

Consider Eye Health When Choosing A Contact Lense Type

More than the financial cost, there are the health costs to consider. If you suffer from allergies or have sensitive eyes, daily disposable contacts may be better for you. Dailies are always safe and hygienic. Contacts that are worn repeatedly can accumulate pollutants that can lead to infections. Having to visit the eye doctor again and again through allergy season can be very costly for your wallet and your vision.

In the end, dailies versus disposable lenses will depend on your lifestyle. Dailies offer an ease of use and a peace of mind for hygiene that many people enjoy. Paired with not needing added accessories, such as cases and solutions, dailies may come out as the front runner in your situation.

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