Dr. Jim Martin 03/09/2015

9118065_orig.pngSome people simply suffer from dry eyes, while others often find that contact lenses can make their eyes feel dry. The good news is, there is a way to comfortably wear contacts if your eyes are dry. In fact, often times, all it takes is a quick trip to your eye care professional, and a change in your contact habits. If you were wondering if there are contact lenses for dry eyes, specifically, the answer is yes.

Water Content

Many contact lens wearers find that a switch to a lens with a higher or lower water content can help improve contact lens comfort. Contact lenses with a higher water content may provide a rush of moisture to the eye. This can help alleviate discomfort initially, but doctors warn they can dry out quicker in some climates, leading to drier eyes.

A contact lens with a lower water content may be useful for users who experience dry eyes after an extended period of wear. Those who experience dry eyes after wearing contacts for several hours are actually experiencing the drying of the lens. A lower water content contact lens might lengthen that process, making the contact more comfortable for longer periods of time.

Silicone Options

Silicone hydrogel lenses have been found to be especially useful for dry eye sufferers who still want to wear contacts. Silicone hydrogel lenses utilize special materials that allow more oxygen to pass through the contact lens. More traditional lenses don't allow as much oxygen to reach the cornea, which in turn starves it of the air it needs. This can lead to redness and irritation, symptoms that mimic dry eyes.

There are several contact brands on the market that use these specialized materials, in conjunction with proprietary patents, to create contact lenses that are comfortable all day for individuals with dry eyes. To pick the best option for your unique case, it is important to speak with your eye care professional.

Dry Eyes May Be More Than An Issue With Your Contacts

Dry eyes may not be caused by your contact lenses at all, and it is often best to treat the underlying condition to get the most comfort out of your lenses. You may have an allergy to the products you are using to clean and sanitize your lenses. If this is the case, switching to a hypoallergenic option could solve the problem. Good lens hygiene, including not wearing the lenses overnight or for extended periods of time, may also solve dryness issues.

If you are experience discomfort or dry eyes, don't hesitate to call Broome Optical. Our friendly and knowledgeable professionals will help you find a lens solution that lets you get on with your day in comfort and style.

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