Dr. Jim Martin 04/20/2015

couple-biking-canyon.jpgStaying active is a great way to stay healthy. Whether you find enjoyment playing a round of golf, a game of tennis, or simply taking a run through the neighborhood, it's important to have the right gear so you don't get injured. It's especially important to protect your eyes so you can continue to enjoy your day – free from headaches and other ailments that sun exposure can cause. To help ensure you protect your eyes, we recommend the following Oakley products for these popular activities.


The Prizm Golf Flak and Uranium Collections are wonderful choices. Both provide a snug fit and a wide field of view. This means they won't interfere with your pitching, putting, or driving. On the downside, you'll never be able to claim the glasses were to blame when you feel like fudging on your score.


There's nothing worse than riding down the road and losing sight of where you're going. Not to mention that as you travel at high speed, your eyes can get bombarded with everything from pebbles to gnats that can prove rather irritating. That's why it's wise to cruise down the road wearing with the Radar Path or the Prizm Road Racing Jacket. These provide solid protection against both the sun and whatever the road may kick up in your path.


Standing at the plate, the last thing you want is to lose the ball's position as it careens toward your bat. It's even worse when you lose the ball in the sun while trying to catch a pop fly. To help you stay on top of your game, the Prizm Baseball Radar EV Pitch will help ensure you don't lose track of an errant ball, and the Flak Jacket XLJ can help ensure a solid connection between your bat – whatever fastball comes your way.


Tennis is a game you can really fall in love with. From the serve to the final point, it's a fabulous way to spend an afternoon honing your senses and sharpening your reflexes. Because the game isn't high impact, practically any of Oakley's standard glasses will do. But, if you want to spice your look up while you're on the court, consider ordering a custom pair of Oakley's. You can select the lense color, frame, and earsocks that are most appealing to you.

Before you head out to enjoy your next sporting event, be sure to visit Broome Optical in Amarillo to view our wide selection of Oakleys in-house. Don’t miss our Oakley trunk show on April 23 to view all the new styles.

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