Dr. Jim Martin 09/21/2015

9792308_orig.pngThere are many things we grow up hearing about vision, then pass on to our own kids. The only problem is, many of these myths are just that: myths. Separate the facts from fiction and find out which eye myths have any roots in reality. Knowing the difference will also enable you to care for your own vision.

1. You have to eat carrots to have good vision. This myth has been going around for years and years. Carrots have a high amount of Vitamin A, which can, in fact, help enhance your vision, but you don't need to eat carrots constantly to receive the benefits. Making carrots a natural part of a healthy diet works well.

2. You shouldn't read in the dark; it can hurt your eyes. Many a child reading in bed late at night has been told this myth. Is it true? The fact is, reading in dim light may cause eye strain, but it won't damage your vision in any way.

3. Not using glasses when you need them can negatively affect your vision. This myth may have some roots in truth where children are concerned. If you need to wear glasses and you try to see without them, this can further put a strain on your vision and cause vision inefficiency. It's best to always wear your glasses (or make sure your kids wear their specs) all the time to enjoy good vision and healthy eyes.

4. Sitting too close to the TV can damage your vision. Parents often scold their kids and tell them to sit farther away from the TV or they will ruin their eyes. Is this true? Actually, no. There is no supporting evidence that sitting too close to the TV or holding a book up too closely can damage vision. On the other hand, if kids continue this behavior as they get older, it could be a sign of nearsightedness; make sure kids get yearly vision exams.

5. If you do have eye problems, you are helpless to fix them. This is definitely not true. Staying on top of your vision by getting regular eye exams can help alleviate eye problems and worries.

6. You don't need to go to the eye doctor unless there is a problem. Everyone can benefit from a yearly eye exam. This actually can help you if or when there is a problem, because you'll be able to catch it early and treat any eye issues that come up. Healthy vision is part of overall physical health.

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