6 All-Natural Ways To Combat Allergies

Dr. Mai-Vy Hoang 10/05/2016

fall-allergies-cold.pngIf you suffer from allergies, you understand what a pain they can be. Watery eyes, itchy eyes, sneezing, congestion, headaches, and sinus pressure all wreak havoc on allergy sufferers throughout the year. You may have tried over-the-counter remedies and had no luck, or you maybe you’re looking for a natural way to combat these allergies — either way, we’ve got you covered.

Avoid Allergens

The best way to steer clear of allergies is to avoid the things you know you are allergic to. If you can find out what allergens affect you, you have a better chance at sidestepping them, though we all know this isn’t entirely possible.


If you are allergic to things outside, such as grass or pollen, be sure to shower directly after you’ve been outside. Wash your hair and make sure you use soap to wash off all pollen residue.


Balancing your good bacteria can help your body better fight allergic responses. Take extra probiotics during allergy seasons to help strengthen your body’s immune system and fight allergy symptoms.

Vitamin C

Histamine in our body is what causes allergy symptoms such as watery and itchy eyes, sneezing and excess mucus. Adding vitamin C to your daily vitamin routine can help prevent the build up of histamine in your body, helping to reduce allergy symptoms.

Garlic & Onions

Eating garlic and onions on a regular basis can help dry out excess mucus. This can help reduce sinus pressure and pain and stop allergy coughs. Just be sure to drink extra water or your throat may feel dry and scratchy.

Herbal Teas

There are certain herbs that can help reduce allergy symptoms. These include butterbur, chamomile, and ragweed tea blends. Not only will the herbs help but so will the tea and steam itself in helping you clear up allergy symptoms.

You can try one or all of these all-natural allergy remedies to find out which ones work best for you. If you find that your allergies cause trouble with itchy or watery eyes, the team at Broome Optical can help. Our team of optical specialists can help keep your eyes comfortable no matter what time of year it is.

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