5 Winter Eye Care Tips

Dr. Jim Martin 12/18/2017

Winter brings the holiday season, which means parties, family, friends, delicious food and gifts galore. But through all the holiday buzz and excitement, your eyes can become negatively affected by the dry air and germs that come with the territory. Check out the tips below to protect your eyes this winter.

Use A Humidifier

Cold air equals inside heaters. While they provide warmth and protection from the outside elements, heaters also leave the air inside dry and stuffy. This dryness leads to irritation in your eyes. To combat the problem, try using a humidifier any time your heat is on. A humidifier will restore moisture to the air, and your eyes will be much more comfortable.

Consider Rewetting Drops

If you wear contact lenses, you know how extremely uncomfortable it is when they get dry. Whether it’s inside or outside, the air this time of year is known to dry out contacts. Talk to your eye doctor about using rewetting drops, and find out which products he recommends. There may also be contact lens solutions that cater to dry eyes. Adding or changing lens care products may significantly help relieve dryness.

Incorporate Hats Into Your Wardrobe

Hats and hoods are all the rage during the winter months, but they give you more than just great fashion opportunities. They also provide protection from winter weather, dust and debris. So not only will you look amazing, but you’ll also keep your eyes safe and pain-free.

Don’t Share Makeup Brushes

The holidays make most women want to get dolled up and look their best. You may feel the urge to wear more makeup than normal to make yourself holiday party-worthy. Go for it! There’s nothing wrong with getting a little fancy. But a word of advice: Be careful not to share makeup brushes with anyone, even your sister. Sharing brushes is an easy way to spread germs and can lead to eye infections.

Don’t Leave Home Without Your Shades

While winter doesn’t exactly scream beaches and sun, the sun is just as dangerous now as it is during the summer. You may forget your sunglasses because of the cold weather, but it’s important to shade your eyes even in the cold. Bottom line: wear sunglasses during the winter months to protect your eyes from harmful rays.

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