Dr. Jim Martin 10/28/2015

1531643_orig.pngIt's easy to wear glasses all day without thinking about the toil that this extensive wear has on the lenses and frame. While the occasional scratch or dent is inevitable, there are a few key steps you can take to preserve the structural integrity of your frames and the clarity of your lenses.

Clean Your Glasses Properly

Rinse the dust and dirt off of the lenses with warm water. Dry the glasses with a microfiber lens cleaning cloth and lens cleaning solution, steering clear of other cleaning agents that may dissolve the protective coating on your glasses.

Store Your Glasses In A Case

Many people don't hesitate to invest in new glasses but then don't want to shell out a few more dollars for a case. Even if you wear your glasses for hours each day, you need a safe place to store them while not in use. When you store your glasses in a case, you protect the lenses from scratches and extend the life of the frame.

Invest In Activewear/Sports Eyewear For Contact Sports

When you engage in a contact sport or other physical activity, secure your glasses with a sports strap or wear an old pair of glasses to prevent damage. Activewear lenses are also a great option for athletes, offering a high level of protection, toughness, and comfort.

Don't Let Others Try On Your Glasses

Glasses frames are custom fit for individual wearers. As such, when you let another person try on your glasses, even for just a few seconds, you may end up with stretched frames, scratched lenses, or other issues.

Have Your Glasses Adjusted Regularly

Having a professional eyewear specialist adjust your glasses every three or four months extends the lifespan of your glasses. These adjustments also give professionals an opportunity to look for loose screws and other possible issues. In the event that your frame breaks or a lens cracks, take it to your eye center for a proper repair. Don't attempt to repair glasses yourself.

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