Dr. Jim Martin 10/02/2015

9383360_orig.pngMany people never think about how important their vision is until after they’ve suffered an eye injury. You should constantly be thinking of ways to protect your eyes from injury in order to avoid an accident that could result in debilitating consequences. Here are five practical ways you can prevent an eye injury.

1. Wear Protective Eyewear

You should wear protective eyewear whenever there’s even a small possibility of an object coming into contact with your eyes. This includes when performing yard work, using power tools, or handling chemicals. Foreign objects could become embedded in your eyes at any time, so you should always err on the side of caution.

2. Set Up An Eyewash Station

You probably handle a number of chemicals that could be harmful to your eyes. Even if you are very careful, these chemicals could splash into your eyes and cause significant damage. You should always be prepared by having an eyewash station readily available. Eyewash stations can easily mount onto your existing faucet, which means you do not have to dedicate extra space for one.

3. Wear Sunglasses

You may not realize it, but your eyes can become sunburned just as easily as your skin can. Over time, this can lead to poor vision, and may increase your risk of developing early cataracts. The only way to protect them is by wearing sunglasses with a special polycarbonate coating designed to block all or most of the sun’s harmful UV rays. Simply wearing sunglasses with a tinted coating is not enough.

4. Prevent Eye Strain

Your eyes can easily become damaged whenever you suffer from eye strain. For this reason, avoid staring at a computer or television screen for an extended period of time. Using an LCD screen will reduce the amount of glare you experience. You should also keep your screen about an arm’s length away, and ensure the area where you are working is properly illuminated. If your eyes are especially sensitive, you may need to install anti-glare filters as well.

5. Be Aware Of Radiation Damage

Radiation damage may occur whenever your eyes are exposed to lasers or the arcs from a welder. This can result in thermal burns that could leave you with permanent damage. Wear protective eyewear whenever you are welding, and avoid looking at laser beams or the rays of a tanning bed.

In addition to following these tips, you should also have regular eye examinations.Contact Broome Optical today to schedule an appointment.

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