Dr. Jim Martin 02/09/2015

Candy_Hearts_-_Valentines_Day.jpgAvoid the standard chocolates or flowers if you’re looking for a Valentine's Day gift that your sweetheart will cherish for years. Consider these ideas instead.

A Sentimental Love Note

Put your heart into your Valentine's Day gift. Take half an hour to craft a meaningful love letter. It will make a big impression on your significant other and you'll also feel good about yourself in the process. This is the type of gift they can hold onto forever.

A Professional Photo Shoot

While tickets to see a play or an expensive meal make for nice Valentine's Day gifts, these outings won't be memorable. Instead, opt for a professional photo shoot of you and your honey. You'll have a ball posing for the camera and you'll find yourselves thinking and talking about the experience for years to come. You'll also have a series of professional pictures from your photo shoot to cherish.


Although jewelry is one of the most common Valentine's Day gifts, it serves a purpose. A diamond as well as other gems really do last forever. Your sweetie will always think of you when she looks at her sparkling necklace, fancy bracelet, shimmering earrings or beautiful ring. Don't go for a trendy pair of earrings or necklace that might be out of style in a few years. Take your time and pick out a unique piece of jewelry he or she will be comfortable wearing as time passes.

Designer Sunglasses

Valentine's Day is your chance to splurge on a gift that your significant other will use forever.  Pick out a pair of stylish sunglasses atBroome Optical in Amarillo. We have an array of designer sunglasses your sweetie will love. While everyone has a pair of cheap sunglasses, most don't have a pair they really value. This is exactly why a pair of Oakleys, OGI, Gucci, Versace or Ray Bans make the perfect Valentine's Day gift.  We have styles for both men and women and we can apply your significant other's prescription to ensure perfect vision.

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