Dr. Jim Martin 11/03/2015

woman-irritated-eyes-dry-itchy_1.jpgHealthy eyes need moisture and lubrication. Normally, your eyes produce enough tears to keep things running smoothly. Unfortunately, for some people, dry eyes are the norm instead of the exception. Chronic dry eyes can be extremely irritating and painful. If you are suffering with dry eyes, how can you treat them?

3 Treatments For Dry Eyes

Now, the first thing that pops into most consumers' head is the over-the-counter eye drops they can pick up at the local pharmacy. Those are OK for the occasional dry eye moment. However, they are not formulated for long-term use and they don't treat the underlying problem.
Here are three options that can help with chronic dry eye:

Omega-3 supplements for dry eyes - A common issue with tear production is the presence of inflammation in the tear ducts and related tissues. It apparently prevents enough tears from being secreted, thus leading to dry eyes. Omega-3 supplements, usually fish oil or linseed, helps reduce the amount of inflammation present by inhibiting the mediators that cause it in the first place. This seems to help increase tear production after a few weeks of use.

Igiene - The tears that help keep the eyes lubricated are produced by glands located in the eyelids. Sometimes, the ducts that feed those tears out from the glands get clogged. Keeping the eyelids clean helps enhance tear production, but not all cleansers are formulated for such a delicate area. Igiene is a specifically formulated formula for cleansing the eyelids safely. With regular use, it optimizes tear production with the added bonus of being a makeup remover. Most patients report better-hydrated eyes as well as eyelids.

Lipiflow - For cases where eye washes and supplements aren't working, an eye doctor may recommend using a more advanced treatment option. Lipiflow is one such option. This procedure helps clear the ducts that feed tears to the eyes. It involves a specially designed device that applies carefully regulated heat to encourage the production of tears while clearing away the debris clogging the ducts. The procedure has gone through careful testing and has been shown to provide relief for dry eyes in over 75% of cases. It usually requires a single treatment that only takes a few minutes.

If you are suffering with chronic dry eyes, the first step you should take is to speak with your eye doctor. The doctors at Broome Optical in Amarillo can do a comprehensive eye exam to check for any conditions or diseases that might be causing the problem.

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